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NSTU Councils

Our 17 Councils serve around 2,000 dedicated education professionals who serve 45 schools in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Our districts range from around 50 to nearly 400 teachers and PSRP (Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel), and are located north of Chicago from Skokie to Northfield, and West from Wilmette to Norridge. 

Northbrook District 28 Teacher/Certified Staff

  • Social/Membership, Elections/Voting, Exit Interviews: Nicole Gas

  • Communications, Negotiations: Mark Hay

  • Negotiations: Mary Perkins

  • Negotiations: Meghan Dames

  • Negotiations, Mentorship & Evaluations: Kerri Edwards

  • DEI: Jess Lifshitz

  • Negotiations, Mentorship & Evaluations: Jean Viviano

West Northfield Teachers Association, D31

  • President: Dave Kondela

  • Vice President: Heather Stodola

  • Treasurer: Jonathan Damon

  • Secretary: Kate List

  • Building Rep-Field: Tristan Roche

  • Building Rep-Winkleman: Kelli Levy

  • Building Rep-Winkleman: Laura Barbanente

Kenilworth 38 PSRP Council

  • President: Laura Wise

  • Treasurer: Marqus Ledoux

  • Secretary: Sherry Nash

  • Building Rep: Tammy Schoof

  • Building Rep: Deb Beluch

Support Staff Council of District 39 Wilmette

  • President: Billy Joyce

  • Vice President : Michelle McGregor

  • Secretary/Member Updates: Michelle Hammond

  • Building Rep: Jessica Hosler

  • Building Rep: Joanna Potakis

  • Building Rep: Caroline Cerrone

  • Building Rep: Alana Miller

  • Building Rep: Peter Gountanis

  • Building Rep: Mary Rita Kopp

  • Building Rep: Randy Ellison

  • Building Rep: Maria Abad

Support Staff Council, D64

  • Co-President: Frank Borkowski

  • Co-President: Brian Mowinski

  • Secretary: Lynn Franz

Golf Teachers and Support Staff Association, D67

  • President: Jenni Orsello

  • Treasurer/Building Rep: Lisa Featherstone

  • Secretary/Building Rep: Katie Johnson

  • Support Staff Rep: Sara Molnar

  • Support Staff Rep: Noel Sucherman

District 69 PSRP Council

  • President: Denise Deamont

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Margaret Vigneri

  • Building Rep-Madison : Raqshinda Jabeen

  • Building Rep-Madison : David McCoy

  • Building Rep-Lincoln: Celia Stennet

  • Building Rep-Edison: Michele  Messenger

  • Building Rep-Edison: John Burnham

  • Building Rep-PK: Margaret Nelson

Park View Council, D70

  • Co-President: Jody Shelist

  • Co-President: Marci Heymann

  • Treasurer: Andy Eckhorn

  • Secretary: Kelli Murphy

Niles Council of Teachers and Support Staff, D71

  • Co-President: Eleni Kelly

  • Co-President: Liz Lawrence

  • Treasurer: Katie Ranalli

  • Secretary: Helen Lazaris

Fairview Teachers Association, D72

  • President: Nick Conner

  • Vice President Middle School: Michael Sibel

  • Vice President Primary School: Maria Bucur

  • Vice President Specials: Katherine MacLennan-Chung

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Hilgendorf

East Prairie Council, D73

  • President: Coleen Sharkey

  • Vice President: Edyta Wydmanski

  • Treasurer: Tim Berlinhof

  • Recording Secretary: Jeremy Karpenski 

  • Corresponding Secretary: Lisa LaPata

Skokie 73.5 Support Staff Council 

  • President:  Heather Haggerty

  • Vice President: Aasia Shahid

  • Treasurer: Cheryl Manilow

  • Secretary: Joan Eisenstein

  • Building Rep: Patty Grammatikakis

  • Co-President Rutledge Hall: Kevin Conley

  • Co-President Lincoln Hall: Travis DuPriest

  • Treasurer: Elena Menicocci

  • Secretary: Erin Davis

  • Welfare- Rutledge Hall: Mari Garvonado

  • Welfare - Rutledge Hall: Ana Ryan

  • Building Rep-Lincoln Hall: Steve Gerber

  • Building Rep-Todd Hall: Jennifer Savage

  • Building Rep-Rutledge Hall: Mona Taliya

  • Mentor Chair: Anne Obringer

  • Mentor Chair: Mark Laske

Lincolnwood Support Staff District 74

  • President: Tammer Gad

  • Vice President : Tom Bujnowski

  • Treasurer: Carol Krikorian

  • Secretary: Kristin Hayes

Niles Township Federation of Teachers and Support Staff, D219


  • President: Ankur Joshi

  • Vice President: Matthew Fahrenbacher

  • Building Rep-North: Ron Dornseif

  • Building Rep-West: Melanie Johnson

  • Building Rep-Central: Matthew Dickman

  • Building Assistant-North: Mary Richards

  • Building Assistant-West: Joe Edwards

  • Building Assistant-Central: Monica Wentzel

  • Past President: Pankaj Sharma

  • Newsletter Editor: Bev Zbinden

  • Education Chair-North: Ryan Murphy

  • Education Chair-West: Michele Hettinger

  • Retirement-North: Shoshana Goldman

  • Retirement-West: Amy Kate

  • Equity Chair-North: Kia Pickett

  • Equity Chair-West: Justin Johnson

  • Social & Solidarity Chair: Stephanie Iafrate

  • Rotating Chairs: D.J. Kosiba, Britt Czupryna

  • New Member Chairs: Jackie Erlich, Nathan Noparstak


  • President: Caitlen Sweeney

  • Vice President: Jon'ta Frazier

  • Building Rep-North: Susan Bumbaris

  • Building Rep-West: Gloria Kim

  • Building Rep-Central: Colleen Russell Kawa

  • Building Rep-Bridges: Matthew Joffe

  • Building Assistant Reps-North: John Fitzpatrick and Aleka Landon

  • Building Assistant Rep-West: Joanna Kastinakis

Ridgewood Teachers and Support Staff Union, D234

  • President: Chris Zack

  • Vice President: Andrew Anastasiades

  • Treasurer: Jennette Gonzalez

  • Secretary: Scott Schau

  • At Large Rep: Delores Pigoni-Miller

  • At Large Rep: Tristan Kumor

  • Building Rep: Toni L Pemberton

Niles Township Federation for Special Education Educators and Support Staff

  • Co-President/Certified: Kathi Sposato

  • Co-President/Support Staff: Kate Rasmussen

  • Treasurer: Miriam Arocho

  • Secretary: Sumer Bellinder

  • Building Rep: Jeanne Cushing

  • Building Rep: Al Martin

  • Building Rep: Jennifer Miller

  • Building Rep: Daryl Silberman

  • Building Rep: Janet Radcliffe

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