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NSTU Leadership

NSTU Elected Officers and Staff

Pankaj Sharma, President
Jill Paisley, Vice President
Robyn Caplan, Treasurer

Tracy Hunt, Assistant Bookkeeper
Terri Eiseman, IFT Administrative Assistant
Jane Relihan, Administrative Assistant


Executive Board Chairs

Sherry Jo Baehr, Communications Chair
Joe Edwards, Defense Chair
Billy Joyce, Equity Co-Chair
Mari Garvonado, Equity Co-Chair
Caitlen Sweeney, PSRP Chair
Jacki Naughton, Retiree Chair

Fred Schlessinger, Retiree Chair
Rachel Gross, Social Media Chair

Field Service Directors

Lenny Nieves
Deb Takehara

NSTU Executive Board

Nicole Gas, Northbrook District 28 Teacher/Certified Staff
Dave Kondela, D31 West Northfield Teachers Association
Marqus LeDoux, Kenilworth 38 PSRP Council
Billy Joyce, Support Staff Council of District 39 Wilmette
Michelle Nidea, Support Staff Council, D64
Stephanie Rosales, Support Staff Council, D64
Jenni Orsello, Golf Teachers & Support Staff Association, D67
Margaret Vigneri, District 69 PSRP Council 
Jody Friman, Park View Council, D70
Marcia Heymann, Park View Council, D70
Elizabeth Lawrence, Niles Council of Teachers and Support Staff, D71
Nick Conner, Fairview Teachers Association, D72
Coleen Sharkey, East Prairie Council, D73
Heather Haggerty, Skokie 73.5 Support Staff Council
Kevin Conley, D74 Lincolnwood Teachers
Travis DuPriest, Lincolnwood Teachers Association, D74
Tom Bujnowski, Lincolnwood Support Staff District, D74
Ankur Joshi, D219 NTFTSS
Matthew Fahrenbacher, D219 NTFTSS
Ron Dornseif: D219 NTFTSS
Melanie Johnson, D219 NTFTSS
Caitlen Sweeney, D219 NTFTSS
Jon'ta Frazier, D219 NTFTSS
Andrew Anastasiades, Ridgewood Teachers & Support Staff, D234
Kathi Sposato, NTFSEESS #807

Jean Cushing, NTFSEESS #807

Kate Rasmussen, NTFSEESS #807

NSTU Committees

Audit and Budget

The Audit and Budget Committee reviews the audit and/or review provided to the local by its accounting firm and makes recommendations to the Executive Board on matters related to the local’s accounting practices. Works with the executive officers to develop the budget.

Robyn Caplan (chair)
Ankur Joshi, D219
Matt Fahrenbacher, D219
Pankaj Sharma, D219
Jacki Naughton


The Committee on Political Education (COPE) directs the political activities of the local including determining candidates to recommend for endorsement, making recommendations for political donations and other expenses from the local’s COPE fund, and meeting with area legislators.

Pankaj Sharma (chair), D219
Joe Edwards, D219
Nick Conner, D72
Travis DuPriest, D74 
Nicole Gas, D28
Dave Kondela, D31
Jon'ta Frazier, D219


Reviews the local’s constitution and by-laws and makes recommendations to the executive board on possible amendments; oversees all local elections.

Dave Kondela (chair), D31
Joe Edwards: D219
Nick Conner: D72
Sherry Jo Baehr: D219


The Equity Committee advocates for policies and practices that promote social justice and racial equity in our schools and our union.

Mari Garvonado (chair), D74
Billy Joyce (chair), D39
Travis DuPriest, D74

Health and Safety

Health and Safety reviews information on health and safety standards, oversees health and safety issues in our workplaces, and reports back to the executive board.

Heather Haggerty (chair), D73.5 
Rachel Gross (chair), D219


The Scholarship Committee determines qualifications and reviews applications for local scholarships.


Jill Paisley, D71
Caitlen Sweeney, D219
Sumer Bellinder, D807
Jenni Orsello, D67
Tom Bujnowski, D74
Kevin Conley, D74

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