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Union members in red t-shirts, standing outside. Text reads: North Suburban Teachers Union - cal 1274, IFT/AFT, AFL-CIO; Democracy in Education, Education for democracy

Democracy in Education, 
Education for Democracy

Message from the President

The North Suburban Teachers Union, Local 1274 of the American Federation of Teachers is a dynamic, growing organization of 17 Councils who serve 45 schools in the northern suburbs of Chicago. NSTU is united by our common devotion to the cause of educating children in the best way possible.

  • We teach in, support, and maintain some of the best schools in the nation, and are proud that our dedication to strong unionism has served these schools and their communities so well.

  • The NSTU has developed a sterling reputation as a high capacity union. Our members have negotiated strong contracts that provide for a high quality education for our students and excellent working conditions for our members. We have always been stalwart in the protection of our contracts and in amicably negotiating successor agreements with our employers.

  • We also have a strong political voice. Our members work for pro-education candidates in local, statewide, and national elections, as well as for local education issues, such as referendums and school board elections.

  • Local 1274 provides high quality professional development for teachers and PSRP and continues to lead the way in induction and mentoring programs for new members. The NSTU Equity Committee supports members and council leaders by providing support, education, and affinity spaces.

  • The NSTU has been a breeding ground for union leadership, sending leaders into the IFT as field staff, IFT Executive Board members, and as IFT Presidents. Former NSTU President Dan Montgomery currently serves as the President of IFT. Former NSTU President James Dougherty has also served as IFT President. 

We welcome you in solidarity with the union movement. We'd like to hear from you. Please drop us a line!

Pankaj Sharma 
President, North Suburban Teachers Union Local 1274 IFT, AFT, CFL, AFL-CIO

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